As mother and daughter choreographers, Ranee and Aparna Ramaswamy explore the myth and spirituality of their Indian heritage through the lens of their experience as immigrants living within two cultures. Ragamala Dance Company is driven to share their vision of Bharatanatyam as a dynamic, living art form with audiences across boundaries of language, culture, and faith.

Ragamala Rooted is Ranee and Aparna’s community and audience engagement platform that publicly explores the inspirations and elements that make up Ragamala’s work through an innovative combination of experiential in-person events in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area and behind the scenes digital content to learn how and why Ragamala creates their work.

Each Ragamala Rooted series is organized around one repertory work to explore the inspirations and elements that make up both that piece specifically and Ragamala’s work as a whole.

Ragamala Rooted: Written in Water (2019-2020)
Ragamala Rooted: Fires of Varanasi (Launches Spring 2020)